Lasting Change White Paper

Lasting Change White PaperProject: In the Fall of 2010 I served as research assistant and collaborator on “Sustaining Digital Scholarship for Sustainable Culture,” a SSHRC-funded Knowledge Synthesis project led by Dr. Susan Brown (University of Guelph). Our project proceeded in three stages: 1) using a project website and open Zotero group to gather information on strategies for maintaining humanities scholarship and the cultural sector through electronic scholarly activity; 2) gathering the Sustaining Digital Scholarship for Sustainable Culture Group at the University of Guelph for a two-day symposium; and 3) synthesizing our results in a white paper.

Deliverables: Our white paper, Lasting Change: Sustaining Digital Scholarship and Cultural in Canada, has been circulated widely. The summary is available through CWRC (the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory).

Skills and Tools: HTML, Zotero, collaborative authorship through Google Docs

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